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Explosive Atmospheres

"Explosive atmosphere" means a mixture with air, at atmospheric conditions, of flammable substances in the state of gas, vapors, mists or combustible dusts as defined by art. 288 of Legislative Decree 81/08.

Safety in workplaces with danger of explosion is regulated, at European level, by two directives commonly referred to as ATEX (ATmosphères EXplosibles): directive 99/92 / EC which mainly affects Employers and directive 94/9 / EC , mainly addressed to designers and constructors of equipment and machinery.

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According to Annex XLIX of Legislative Decree 81/08, the areas in which explosive atmospheres may form in quantities such as to require particular protection measures to protect the safety and health of workers, are divided into Zones based on frequency and duration of the presence of explosive atmospheres.
The Employer is required to draw up the risk assessment document from explosive atmospheres with an indication of the technical and organizational, collective and individual prevention and protection measures, necessary to minimize the risk.

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