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Due Diligence Sicurezza / Ambiente (HSE)

The audit of environmental compliance and occupational health and safety is the main and most effective tool for verifying the regulatory compliance of one's business,

in order to identify any economic charges (liabilities) that could affect the asset involved in the transaction.
The objective is to identify those situations of risk or non-compliance, overt or latent, which may involve significant investments (related to the upgrading of plants, equipment and workplaces) or sanctions by the competent authority during the verification phase.

Environmental Aspects

-Environmental authorizations (eg. AIA, AUA)
-Risk of major accidents (RIR - SEVESO)
-Emissions in the atmosphere
-Water discharges and uses of water resources
-Chemical products (compliance of Safety Data Sheets, REACH compliance, Biocides Regulation, handling / storage / use)
-Waste management
-Presence of asbestos and mineral fibers
-Presence / use of substances that damage the ozone layer
-Radioactive sources
-Acoustic impact
-Contamination of soil and groundwater

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