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Major accidents - Seveso directive

By industrial risk we mean a potential negative effect resulting from an industrial activity based on the quantities of dangerous substances present.

The risk assessment and the actions necessary for its mitigation are the subject of the SEVESO legislation relating to the control of the dangers of major accidents associated with certain hazardous substances.
The Italian legislation on Risks of Relevant Accidents is the Legislative Decree n. 105 of 26 June 2015. This decree, in force since 29 July 2017, transposes Directive 2012/18 / EU (Seveso III) and repeals Legislative Decree no. 334/99 and subsequent amendments.
While not substantially modifying the obligations of the managers and the related control system by the competent authorities, Legislative Decree 105/15 introduces significant changes. One of all: it defines the new limits of subjection taking into account the classification of substances and mixtures aligned with EC Regulation no. 1272/2008.
The intrinsic danger of substances and mixtures and the relative quantity present within a plant, define the criterion of subjecting to the legislation on the Risks of Major Accidents.
The establishments that fall within the eligibility criteria imposed by Legislative Decree 105/15 are obliged to submit a Notification to the Competent Authorities, following which they are entered in the Register of Companies at Risk of a Significant Accident.
The plant manager is required to draw up the major accident prevention policy document and to establish the Safety Management System, pursuant to Article 14 of the decree.
For these establishments, specific control activities are provided for by the competent authorities, as well as territorial and emergency planning activities.

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