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Toxic Gases

For the purposes of art. 57 of the consolidated text of public safety laws, the following is considered toxic gas::

  1. any toxic substance, which is in the gaseous state, or which to be used must pass to the state of gas or vapor, and which is used due to its toxic power and for purposes inherent to the toxic power itself;
  2. any toxic substance, which is in a gaseous state or which, in order to be used, must pass to the state of gas or vapor, which, although used for purposes other than those dependent on its toxic properties, is recognized as dangerous for safety and safety public.
With the Royal Decree 9/1/27 No. 147 the regulation for the specific authorization for the use, safekeeping and storage of toxic gases is approved.
The list of toxic gases recognized pursuant to regulation no. 147 was approved with the Ministerial Decree of 6 February 1935.
The supervisory responsibilities, following the Law 833/78 and more recently of the Legislative Decree 81/08, today are the responsibility of the Local Health Authority where the applicant's company has or will be based, while the authorization competences are the responsibility of to the Suap del Comune.
To conserve, store and use toxic gases, it is necessary to obtain prior authorization from the Suap.

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