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Evaluation of the chemical risk

Risks deriving from chemical agents differ in safety risks and health risks. The first are those that can cause violent injuries (injuries)...

while the latter are responsible for detectable effects even after some time from exposure (occupational diseases).
Legislative Decree 81/08 provides for a specific assessment of the risks deriving from chemical agents, identifying activities and processes that can be defined as having a "not low" risk for safety or "not relevant" for health.
The methods of assessing the risk deriving from chemical agents, is conditioned by the classification of chemical agents and has a high degree of complexity due to the huge number of chemical products used in industry.
The entry into force of Regulation 1272/08 (CLP-GHS) introduces new classification rules for substances and preparations, which entail a review of the Chemical Risk Assessment Document. The REACH Regulation, on the other hand, aims to fill the gaps in data on the possible effects on health, by the chemical agents present on the market.

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